About us

We are the first in Poland

a company that is strictly specialized in the international transport of the deceased. We employ the best specialists in the industry, thanks to which we develop each year and raise the level of customer service, not only in our company, but also in competitive companies that often base their activities on our experience. Every year, we help more and more families, but also funeral companies from all over Poland.

When carrying out the order for the transport of a deceased person, we feel obliged to relieve you as much as possible from official matters that result from bringing the body of the deceased person to Poland. Our group of associates is characterized by empathy, commitment and many years of experience.

By deciding to cooperate

with our team, we are able to guarantee you 24/7 assistance with the supervisor responsible for your order. Guardians are qualified to organize documents from all institutions that are necessary to obtain transport and burial permits.

In addition, at your request, the guardian will keep you informed on the progress of the transport of the deceased person, i.e. when the body is collected from the indicated place, when the documents are completed and at the planned time of arrival to the destination.

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Kamil Kuźma Anielski Orszak

Kamil Kuźma

The founder of the Anielski Orszak company and the main shareholder of the Anielski Orszak company. In our company, he is responsible for marketing and developing the company’s development strategy, as well as maintaining contacts with funeral homes in Poland and around the world.

Kamil Kuźma Anielski Orszak

Wojciech Świętochowski

General director and shareholder of Anielski Orszak. She coordinates the work of the entire team. Responsible for the selection of qualified staff who jointly carry out the mission of helping our clients in these difficult times.

Urszula Hryszko

He speaks Swedish and English. In our company, he mainly organizes trips to the Scandinavian peninsula. A meticulous and empathetic person. Several times she carried out transports in person along with the collection of people who died from the Balkans.

Hubert Wasilewski

He is fluent in English. In our company, he organizes the transport of deceased people from North and South America. He maintains permanent contacts with funeral homes in the United States and Canada and with CARGO companies that carry out orders for the air transport of bodies and ashes.

Melisa Torniewicz-Czerewacz

She spent her childhood in Germany, which is why she is fluent in this language. Each week, he helps dozens of families during the transport of bodies from Germany to Poland. He is in constant contact with offices and morgues throughout Germany, therefore he is able to efficiently and quickly organize the necessary documents.

Transport zwłok z Polski na Ukrainę

Radosław Twarowski

He speaks English and Russian. He deals with the organization of documents in connection with the transport of deceased people, mainly the transport of bodies from Poland to the east (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Georgia). In addition, he manages a fleet of vehicles, ensuring that our cars are ready at any time to transport the remains from abroad.

Justyna Sienkiewicz

He is fluent in French and communicative English. She organizes documents related to the transport of deceased people, mainly from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Additionally, he keeps our company’s accounting and settlements.

Mateusz Pielski

A person with a great talent for learning foreign languages, I speak some of them, incl. English, Turkish, Spanish, Greek. In the past, a resident of travel agencies, currently he is involved in obtaining documents and logistics of trips in the company Anielski Orszak.